Today such large organizations

Today such large organizations as

Today such large organizations as ” Saratovoblgaz ” which in the Saratov region serves 20,000 km of normal rate is not provided . That is the rate which sets Saratov Region Government with regional commission provides only 40% of what is needed for emergency Oblgases work to pay taxes for the payment of wages . At the same time , we minimize operating costs. Today, the number of employees in the regional gas is 4.5 thousand people. And for all the rules and standards there should be at least 8500 . That is more than twice . Next is to cut back on the number and save on wages can not be , because it can very dramatically affect the safe operation of networks. So, for four years, ” Saratovoblgaz ” unprofitable . Losses up already about 600 million rubles for the period. Conducts field guide ” ostrich ” policy. Hides its head in the sand and say that we care about the population . But sooner or later, will still have to pay . This concern is wrong , in my opinion . Moreover, about 90% of Russia’s regions have normal tariffs for gas distribution companies . Today, we care about energy, about the people who deliver warm water. All cost-effective rates , all have profit. Except for one organization – ” Saratovoblgaz .” This problem is the fact that will have to pay . Today the situation is . Even if theoretically all be willing to pay , damages and losses on regional gas at a reduced population already do not allow 100% pay for the gas . Therefore, these issues need to be addressed carefully . I think the Saratov government heads of administrations will have to understand that you have to pay for gas . Otherwise, this product will not be simple in the Saratov region . We have on site for several years declared dictatorship of law .

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